Confessions, how many can you make about yourself? I’m sure you have a graveyard in your closet. And I am no different. I’ve made just as many mistakes and have just as many things to regret as all of you. How many things can I tell you before you just tired of all my stupid decisions? All my faults, habits and lies that stains my road with regret.




How many lies can you tell     without letting some slip out?


                     Telling a lie is like putting on an extra piece of clothing, it keeps you warm when your cold and in need of it. But as you kept putting all those layers of clothing on, soon you’re going to be too hot. Soon, you’re going to sweat. Eventually you’ll have to strip down all those layers you put painstakingly on and expose the truth in all your nude embarrassment and glory.

          How can you stop from telling a lie? Even though the truth seems so much harder at the time? When you’re too embarrassed or afraid of the judgemental thoughts of the family, friends and strangers around you? You break it down, play out the pros and cons of what you’re are doing. Think about how yes, it might be horrible to tell them the truth now and lie seems to be easier, but then admit to yourself it will be worse if the find out later about the truth and you lose their trust over a lie. After, think that even though your truth might be horrible, chances are those people around you are having just as bad in their life.

          The truth hurts, but lies keep us apart, the hurt makes us stronger, while the lies tear us apart.


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