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There are different types of joy. You cannot compare the joy on Christmas morning as a mere child as the the you feel getting a good mark on your report card. You also can’t compare getting a raise to when you got your first pet. It’s just not the same. You caannot say when the most happiest tiome of your life is, because every other moment, cannot be compared. Would you have enjoyed that raise as much if you were still that child on Christmas morning? No, you wouldn’t even understand what it was! Levels and types of joy come from moments shared, hard work being paid off and something unexpected occuring.

Life is filled with tiny bits of joy to keep us going, and great moments of joy to look back on and smile. Sometimes we don’t appreciate things at the present moment that you will remember and learn from later on. Never doubt a moment in your life, either good or bad, because even it could bring you joy, directly or indirectly, later on.


So why waste Joy by comparing it, and judging it on the past, present or future?






Misery hangs like a cloud above my head,
So dense yet people are blind,
They choose not to see the fog,
Entrapping me, tangling into my lungs,
My limbs,
My heart,
Grey and oozing like tar into my skin,
Numbing me so no emotions, no tears, appear,
It’s like a monster from my childhood,
But I’m too tired to run,
To flee,
To care,
I do not want to be the victim,
I am the predator, not the prey,
I lash out at the people around me,
Suffocating in their indifference,
Their naivity
Their pathetic-ness,
Lightning and thunder charges my body,
Emotions roll through me like waves,
It won’t be locked up, or be contained,
This cloud, this storm is filled with fury,
With hate,
With loneliness.



ImageLife is precious, and the longer time it takes to realize the less the chances are of having it rich. Rich as in full of love, happiness and even dark times. Becuse without night, we would not appreciate the day. You CANNOT sit there, tell me that you have a good life, and then go back to regreting things the next day. With our regrets, our life will never be rich but the opposite, fake gold. You do not have to lie to yourself anymore. If you regret something, think abaout WHY you regret it. Then think about what you done differently that you regret, say my Mom left college for her boyfriend, and that is one of her biggest regrets, since they broke up. She put it in perspective though, if she didnt quit college, then she would never have met my Dad and had my three sisters and I.

Without our mistakes and the things we regret, our life would not be rich. It would all be the same. No strength, no will, and no hard work. We would never have to work for the things we love. Mom isnt completely happy, she doesnt have the best paying job and her life is harder than it might have been if she would have never left college, but she has us. Four teenage girls who are all top of our class, the oldest a senior and valedictorian. We also give her a hard time, hell, we’re a bunch of teenage girls! But we love her and we work hard to impress her even though we know she loves us anyway. She still reads to us the Night Before Christmas ever Christmas Eve before we go to bed.

And for that, her life is rich.





A warm apple looks the same, but is soft and no good. That’s like people, I took this picture of myself to prove to people that anybody could have beauty, but know them first before you make your judgements. I wonder if I was the definition of ‘ugly’, would people treat me the same? I doubt it. We live in a world where beauty is artificial, the only ‘filter’ I have on that photo is to change the color scheme. Most girls’ boys have so many photo shop apps its ridiculous.

Don’t judge people with their face. Don’t hate on people who can’t help what genes they have. I allow my personality to pull through, and that’s the definition of beautiful.



Failure is one of the heaviest weights you have to carry,

Branded in your skin, a flaw for everyone to see,

You can cover it up with a million sweaters,

But it’s never go away like that, trust me.

Everything about us is flawed,

The cup is half empty, not half full,

We complain about everything we DON’T have,

Leaving us with nothing to gain.

What about our health? The computer screen you look upon?

Why can’t we take our mistakes and embrace them?

Not buying a sweater to put over top?

Why can’t you drink that cup half full and appreciate it?

Instead of wishing for more?

Wear it proudly, individuality and failures.

Because you can carry everything on your shoulders like a burden,

Or let them walk beside you, to teach you,

the choice is yours,

don’t complain about what you maike of your life,

But mold it like scultor we all are inside.

To make something so beautiful

That was already there hiding under those sweaters.