Failure is one of the heaviest weights you have to carry,

Branded in your skin, a flaw for everyone to see,

You can cover it up with a million sweaters,

But it’s never go away like that, trust me.

Everything about us is flawed,

The cup is half empty, not half full,

We complain about everything we DON’T have,

Leaving us with nothing to gain.

What about our health? The computer screen you look upon?

Why can’t we take our mistakes and embrace them?

Not buying a sweater to put over top?

Why can’t you drink that cup half full and appreciate it?

Instead of wishing for more?

Wear it proudly, individuality and failures.

Because you can carry everything on your shoulders like a burden,

Or let them walk beside you, to teach you,

the choice is yours,

don’t complain about what you maike of your life,

But mold it like scultor we all are inside.

To make something so beautiful

That was already there hiding under those sweaters.



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