Chin up, shoulders back,
they are beneath my feet,
Their words don’t hurt me,
Their petty lies don’t cause my defeat.

I walk with grace,
I smile dearly,
I work so hard,
If only they could see me clearly,

They would notice:

My eyes flicker with sorrow,
A brief flash, then it’s gone,
My laugh is as hollow as my heart,
Bearing too much weight for far too long.

I cry when no one is watching,
Only to shove down the pain once more,
I stand in the mirror too long,
Perfection is what I’ve always strived for.

They could unbury:

My family crumbling around me,
How much it kills me to see.
Eyes seen too much suffering,
Images that will never leave.

How I try so hard to be my best.
How I try so hard to please.
How I long to be someone else.
How I hate the girl in the mirror staring back at me.


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