A Healthy Mind



Medals are scrapes.
Plaques are wood.
Ribbons are fabric.
Certificates are paper.

What are your own accomplishments? The ones that few or less know, yet you wouldn’t be the person you are today without them? The personal goal, honor, award that you, and you alone, hold pride for? You can get countless material awards, yet the best accomplishments are the ones you give yourself.

If you do not have many or any, maybe you should take a step back and realize the great things you’ve done in life. It might surprise you, because the most important people you fool in your life is yourself, making us the biggest fools of all.

That day you stopped obsessing about everything detail? Pat yourself on the back my friend. When you start to pay your own bills? Have a treat, you deserve it.

The more you congratulate yourself, the healthier the mind.
And I always say that a mind can never be too happy. 😀


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