Monthly Archives: December 2014

Just A Day


Every time,

I fall for it.

Every apology,

I forgive.

Every smile,

I return.

Every excuse,

I accept.

Every day

I wake.

Every night,

I sleep.

But what if?

I start to rise,

Ask questions,

Throw a cold shoulder,

Demand the truth,

Sleep all day,

And dance throw the night?

Rebelling against,

What we’re taught,

For just a day,

And what a day it would be.




How am I to dance?

When you break glass,

On the floor?

How am I to sing?

Over your shouting,

I’m ignored.

How am I to smile?

As grim faces,

Surround me?

How am I to love

As hate burns,

And hearts bleed?

I dance anyway,

Feet bloody,

Heart satisfied.

I sing anyway,

I can still hear,

My melody.

I smile anyway,

Bring courage,

For others to follow.

I love anyway,

Love is infinite,

And life is not

Cuts At Twilight


The blade is pressed to her skin
Kissing her flesh at every twilight
Inflicting the pain that she feels within

She’s damaged and broken
Frail and depressed
Hope brittle like the body she wears
Every day her body becomes smaller, compressed

She is present in body
Gone in mind
Lying to everyone around her
When she says she’s fine

She is tired and sore
Of a fight she was done with long ago
So now she cuts at twilight
To finally let her pain be known