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  1. Im always looking for new ideas and writers… Ive been operating the blog since 2009 and have had writers from all over the world. I don’t profit from at it all financially, but have in other ways. It even led t=me to a connection that produced my current job:-)

    I always link back your work to your own site and if you would like you could write a breif bio and send me a photo and I could add you to the staff page… I would post yuor work maybe twice month…

    Here is the staff page…

    By the way, would you just like to go by Cassidy or do you want to use your full name?

    • It would love to be on your website. My name is Cassidy Porter. my bio: Born and raised in rural New Brunswick, Canada and achieving highest average grades in school, studying poetry, science, short stories, sketching and memoirs. I use my struggles to inspire and help people through their tough times.

      Thank you so much for doing this, but to let you know, I am currently turning sixteen. But I developed my mental maturity at the age of fourteen. ill tag a photo

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