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Blessed to be Canadian


In Africa a frail women balances a clay pot on her head, carrying cloudy water to her four children so they can have a drink of water to fill their grumbling bellies.

In Iraq a small boy is cowering behind his rusted shack, covering his ears in a weak attempt to block out the screaming and the roar of bombs that terrorizes his home village.

In China a teenage girl gags on the toxic air, forced to wear a mask just to breathe and walk down the overcrowded streets.

In Mexico a toddler plays with a broken bottle he found on the beach, among the heaps of trash washed up onto the shore.

In India a nine year old girl is sold by her family into slavery so they could pay for their son’s education.

Yet in Canada I get up and drink a big glass of water from my well.

In Canada I’ve only watched action movies with the explosions of guns and bombs.

In Canada I walk outside in the morning surrounded by pines and maple trees and inhale the crisp air.

In Canada I put out my garbage every Thursday morning so it can disappear when the truck comes.

In Canada I have my own education where an unlimited world of knowledge awaits me.

I’ve been blessed to live in Canada, a paradise too many take for granted.


Just A Day


Every time,

I fall for it.

Every apology,

I forgive.

Every smile,

I return.

Every excuse,

I accept.

Every day

I wake.

Every night,

I sleep.

But what if?

I start to rise,

Ask questions,

Throw a cold shoulder,

Demand the truth,

Sleep all day,

And dance throw the night?

Rebelling against,

What we’re taught,

For just a day,

And what a day it would be.