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Blessed to be Canadian


In Africa a frail women balances a clay pot on her head, carrying cloudy water to her four children so they can have a drink of water to fill their grumbling bellies.

In Iraq a small boy is cowering behind his rusted shack, covering his ears in a weak attempt to block out the screaming and the roar of bombs that terrorizes his home village.

In China a teenage girl gags on the toxic air, forced to wear a mask just to breathe and walk down the overcrowded streets.

In Mexico a toddler plays with a broken bottle he found on the beach, among the heaps of trash washed up onto the shore.

In India a nine year old girl is sold by her family into slavery so they could pay for their son’s education.

Yet in Canada I get up and drink a big glass of water from my well.

In Canada I’ve only watched action movies with the explosions of guns and bombs.

In Canada I walk outside in the morning surrounded by pines and maple trees and inhale the crisp air.

In Canada I put out my garbage every Thursday morning so it can disappear when the truck comes.

In Canada I have my own education where an unlimited world of knowledge awaits me.

I’ve been blessed to live in Canada, a paradise too many take for granted.


1000 Directions

1000 Directions

There is no stab in my gut,

Only poison absorbing into my skin and through my veins,

No amount of stitches can heal this weeping wound,

Disintegrating my flesh and bones, until only ashes remain.


The wind takes away my ashes,

Taking me in a 1000 directions,

Spreading me throughout the vast Earth,

Through the sky that is merely the ocean’s crying reflection.


Finally my ashes settle to the Earth,

My final resting place,

Where the soil absorbs the soot of my body,

Grimacing at my bitter taste.


I fertilize the hungry soil,

Feeding the seeds of wild flowers,

Preparing them for their birth,

So they shall bloom in April showers.


As the seeds sprout and thrive,

A endless sea of green,

As they blossom and reach for the clear sky,

And finally beautiful, I shall be.